Mala Idea

Mala Idea Mezcal Añejo 5 years 750 ML


Alcohol: 43% Volume
Material: 100% Agave – Espadin
Process: Artisanal*
Distillation: Double, Copper Stills, Regional Wood
Visual: Clear Amber with gold glitters
Aroma / Smell: Cooked Agave, Honey, Fine Woods
Taste: Maguey & Honey Notes, Fresh roast vanilla & caramel, Elegant & Silky
Pairing: W / Meat. Or w/ coconut candy / chocolate
How to Drink It: Aperitif or Digestive, on the rocks or alone
Country: Oaxaca, Mexico
Bottle: Elegant w / wood cap
Content: 750 milliliters Mezcal

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