NOXE Mezcal Joven, 3X Distilled, 750 ML


Alcohol Volume: 76 proof/38%
Process: Triple Distilled, Artisanal
Raw Material: 100% Agave Espadin
Visual: Clear w/ luminous silver sparkles
Aroma: Soft & enveloping mixture of tropical fruits with a touch of floral notes & herbs.
Taste: Orange blossom & fresh roasted agave. Just a hint of smoke. Lasting finish, w/ memories that are evoked by the tropical fruit aroma.
Serve: Neat, Chilled, or with Cocktails
Bottle: Custom
Net Content: 750 ML
Country of Origin: Oaxaca, Mexico

Smooth, triple distilled, artisanal handcrafted Young (Joven) Espadin Mezcal from Oaxaca, Mexico. Numbered, 750 ML bottles, 38% ALC/VOL with the COMERCAM hologram. COMER- CAM oversees the certification of all Mezcal exports from Mexico.

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