East West Expands Into Cambodia with Moonshine Spirits


East West Expands into Cambodia with Moonshine Spirits 

Singapore (Friday, February 18, 2022). East West Management & Marketing, Pte. Ltd., an exclusive importer and master distributors of award-winning premium and ultra-premium Tequila, Mezcal, and agave spirits in Singapore, Southeast Asia, and beyond today announced that they entered into a master distribution agreement with MOONSHINE SPIRITS of Cambodia. 

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Tequila, probably Mexico’s most recognized beverage worldwide, is a distilled liquor from Jalisco, made from the blue agave plant, mainly in the surrounding areas of the beautiful town of Tequila, 40 miles Northwest of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Brian Werner, Managing Director said “We are excited to be working with Moonshine Spirits and their team to introduce our personally curated tequila and mezcal brands in Cambodia including Tequila Don Ramon, Cofradia, La Dama, Cavas Agave Tequila and Mezcal Mala Idea into Cambodia with its population of almost 17 million and growing tourism offerings and pre-Pandemic tourist arrivals of approximately 7 million visitors.

Stephen Hansen, Managing Director of Phnom Penh, Cambodia based Moonshine Spirits said “We are pleased to add premium & ultra- premium tequila and mezcal brands from East West including Casa Don Ramon Tequila Don, Cofradia, La Dama and Cavas Agave Tequila to our product offerings and are excited to introduce our customers and distribution network in Cambodia to these luxury brands, some of which are works of art. Hansen added “Moonshine Spirits is a craft spirits importer and distributor who works with like-minded distillers and distributors such as East West from around the globe in order to bring their customers products that elevate their cocktail experience”.

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