The International Tequila Academy (“ITA”) offers acclaimed online tequila education and certification programs in Southeast Asia through its master license agreement with EAST WEST MANAGEMENT & MARKETING PTE. LTD., owners of TEQUILA STOP.

The Online Certificate in Tequila is ITA Level 1 Certification Course & Examination about the essential knowledge everyone should know about tequila. By completing this exam, participants prove that they have a solid understanding about tequila. They can distinguish between the basic classes and categories, understand its denomination protection and the basics of tequila production, serving and storage.

Sample Level 1 Cert & Online Syllabus Subject to Change by ITA:

  • Denomination of Origin-States & Regulations.
NOM Number.
• Classifications -blanco, joven, anejo, extra anejo.

  • Categories-Tequila, 100% agave.
Misc. Labeling items-Alcohol by Volume, Net Quantity.

  • The basic steps of traditional tequila production-jima. Hydrolysis (cooking), extraction, fermentation, & distillation.
  • Production tools-brick oven, autoclave, tahona, roller mill, diffuser, pot still, column still.
Basic agave facts-maturation time, agave tequilana.
Tequila Service basics: expiry, effect of oxygen, vessel, serving temperature.
• The systematic approach to tequila tasting.

  • Debunking tequila myths: tequila worm, cactus/ agave, salt & lime, the darker.
• Cristalino, Flavored, Mixto tequilas explained.

  • Tequila as Mezcal-common roots, similarities, differences.

  • Browsing tequilas by using the Tequila Matchmaker.

Level 2-The Online Conocedor de Tequila is an advanced level qualification about tequila regulations and production practices. 

By completing this exam, participants prove that they have a detailed understanding about the denomination of origin of tequila, tequila production and the structure and role of the NOM system. The course covers everything from advanced classification, tequila definitions, agave farming practices, tequila production, bottling, waste management, filtration and blending. The course is aiming to offer the most up to date, relevant and accurate information for those wishing to become a tequila connoisseur. This course is a must do for anyone who want to talk or write about tequila in a professional manner and educate others.

Sample Level 2 Cert & Online Syllabus Subject to Change by ITA:

  • NOM legislation chronology - how the regulation has evolved from its beginnings to the present days.
  • Authorized Producer - the prerequisites to become a tequila producer.
    CRT - the role and responsibilities of the regulator body of the tequila industry.
  • Categories and Classifications advanced - getting deep into the regulation to categorize and classify tequila.
  • Agave tequilana Weber variety azul - origins, cultivation and harvesting practices.
  • Hydrolysis and Extraction - Modern vs traditional tequila production processes.
  • Fermentation - formulation, types of yeasts, wild fermentation, vessels, Brix, other parameters.
  • Distillation - pot stills vs column stills, other distillation techniques.
  • Laboratory Analysis - analysing the different molecules, their roles and their legal limitations.
  • Resting, Stabilization & Aging of tequila - the stabilization and oxygenation of tequila and the aging process.
  • Filtration techniques - introducing the various techniques producers use to filter their products.
  • Mellowing - adding natural additives to soften the flavour of aged tequilas.
    Water Dilution - adding water to the tequila to adjust its alcohol level.
  • Blending, Marriage - single-distillery & inter-distillery blending of tequila products.
  • Bottling - special rules for bottling and labelling tequila bottles.
    Waste Management - waste generated by the industry and the ways to recycle it.


Level 3-SOMMELIER DE TEQUILA. The Tequila Sommelier is an advanced-high level qualification where candidates demonstrate their ability to analyze and evaluate the different tequilas.

This course focuses on understanding the difference between tequila brands, labels. As there are way over a 2700 tequila brands on the market, understanding them is no easy task. It is the task of the tequila sommeliers to understand the differences between producers, the regions, marketing strategies, product values so they can give expert recommendations to their clients or make better decisions themselves when purchasing tequila. Sommeliers learn to navigate between commercial brands, private labels, special editions, single barrels, diffused tequilas and understand what average consumers and connoisseurs look for when choosing tequila.

Sample Level 3 Syllabus Subject to Change by ITA:

  • Tequila AS a business - sales and chemistry. Targeting specific consumers with a certain taste profile and product quality.
  • Tequila Evaluation - how to determine the professional value of a tequila based on spirit industry examples.
  • Inhouse vs private label tequila - the difference between contract labels and labels owned by the distillery.
  • Private label vs special edition - how to create a tequila brand or a special edition tequila.
  • Single barrel tequilas - as a unique special edition tequila, what it means and what is its real value.
  • Craft Tequilas - how to identify them and why is it important?
  • Special signs logos - what do the different logos like USDA and certified kosher mean.
  • Brand Knowledge - essential brands every sommelier needs to know.