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The Online Certificate in Tequila is ITA Level 1 Certification Course & Examination about the essential knowledge everyone should know about tequila. By completing this exam, participants prove that they have a solid understanding about tequila. They can distinguish between the basic classes and categories, understand its denomination protection and the basics of tequila production, serving and storage.

Sample Level 1 Cert & Online Syllabus Subject to Change by ITA:

• Denomination of Origin-States & Regulations.
• NOM Number.
• Classifications -blanco, joven, anejo, extra anejo.
• Categories-Tequila, 100% agave.
• Misc. Labeling items-Alcohol by Volume, Net Quantity.
• The basic steps of traditional tequila production-jima. Hydrolysis (cooking), extraction, fermentation, & distillation.
• Production tools-brick oven, autoclave, tahona, roller mill, diffuser, pot still, column still.
• Basic agave facts-maturation time, agave tequilana.
• Tequila Service basics: expiry, effect of oxygen, vessel, serving temperature.
• The systematic approach to tequila tasting.
• Debunking tequila myths: tequila worm, cactus/ agave, salt & lime, the darker.
• Cristalino, Flavored, Mixto tequilas explained.
• Tequila as Mezcal-common roots, similarities, differences.
• Browsing tequilas by using the Tequila Matchmaker.

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