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Types of Tequila

Here at Tequila Stop, we offer award winning Tequila of Mexico. Discover the best of Mexico’s Tequila with us today.


If you are in search of pure, unadulterated agave flavours in Singapore, Blanco is the Tequila you should go for. Known as silver, white or joven due to its colourless appearance, the Blanco is bottled almost right after it is distilled. Tasting notes usually include citrus flavours.


Reposado means “rested” in Spanish. The Reposado Tequila is clearly aptly named as they are usually left to rest in American or French oak barrels for three months before being bottled. Oak barrels provide a light woody flavour to the body of the Tequila and give it a light gold to gold hue, compared to the colourless Blanco. Reposado typically differs in flavour with the different type of barrel used by different distilleries.


Anejo Tequila differs from Resposado and Blanco as it spends one to three years ageing in a barrel before it is bottled. Anejo Tequila are usually extra smokey, flavourful and have been known to have Cognac or bourbon-esque tasting notes.

Picking Your Ideal Tequila

If you are looking to mix your Tequila into your favourite cocktails, Blanco would be a great choice, since its bold agave flavours work well with a myriad of mixers. However, if you would like to enjoy Tequila on its own, but don’t want the harsh burn, Reposado tastes exquisite sipped slowly over a glass of ice. As for Anejo, it is a perfect replacement for bourbon in cocktails if you don’t wish to sip it straight.

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