The main difference between Tequila and Mezcal lies in the agaves that the liquors are made from. Tequila can only be made from the blue agave plant in the region of Tequila, whereas Mezcal is made from a variety of agave plants from anywhere in Mexico. Agave used to make Mezcal is slow-roasted underground in earthen pits with hot rocks, giving it its signature smoky flavour.

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Types of Mezcal


Joven means young in Spanish, an apt name for the unaged spirit. Its appearance is clear and the best way to enjoy it after purchase would be to sip it neat.


Not to be confused with Reposado Tequila that is aged for one to three months, the Reposado Mezcal is aged for two to nine months before being elaborated with 100% agave or other mixed mezcals.


The Anejo Mezcal, similar to Anejo Tequila, is aged for a longer period of time compared to the Reposado. Anejo Mezcal is typically aged for a minimum of one to five years.


If you were to spot a bottle of Mezcal being sold in Singapore, it would most likely be Espadín, since the agave accounts for almost 90% of Mezcal production. A bottle of Mezcal can be versatile, with different tasting notes depending on its distillery and brand.


This one’s a rare buy to lookout for, as it is deemed as the “King of Mezcals”. Made with agave harvested from the wild in Mexico, the Tobalá tends to be fruity and complex in flavour.


Also made from wild agaves, the Tepextate is also a rare find since the agaves needed to produce it can take up to 30 years to mature. Expect to taste an extremely flavoured spirit if you get the chance to purchase this Mezcal in Singapore.

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