How to Enjoy Tequila Without Getting a Hangover


While September and Mexican Independence Day have passed, there is always a perfectly good excuse to gather your loved ones to and celebrate Mexican culture anytime, anywhere with their national drink: tequila. For most, indulging in tequila may come with reservations in view of the notorious hangover that is somehow synonymous with this drink - but it doesn’t have to be this way! There are tips and tricks to enjoying (and we truly mean enjoy) this Mexican national beverage without having to wake up with a headache. So before you down a tequila shot, keep in mind these considerations.

1. Drink Premium and Ultra-Premium Tequila

Nowadays, premium and ultra-premium tequila are having their much-deserved renaissance and are quickly becoming the favourites of some alcohol connoisseurs, and it’s only apt. Made from 100% Blue Weber agave plant, premium and ultra-premium tequila offer a subtle yet complex flavour profile - but this isn’t their only perk. By utilising only 100% natural components and purified plant extract, these high-quality beverages don’t carry as many congeners, added sugars, and flavourings - ingredients that may lead to hangovers. If you wish to stay clear from a nasty reminder of the night before, be sure to opt for premium and ultra-premium tequila when you’re out to get your celebratory drinks.

2. Know the Difference Between Straight Tequila and Tequila Cocktails or Mixed Drinks

There is a reason why in-the-know drinkers swear by drinking premium, 100% agave tequila. Aside from their flavour subtleties, straight tequila possesses low sugar content, effectively minimising pounding headaches. This can’t be said for the cocktails and mixed counterparts - one too many sugary margaritas filled with triple sec and processed lime juice, or a few shots of mixed tequila with less than 50% agave may present you a one-way ticket to a night to forget. Instead, drink silver tequila with fresh limes and lots of ice, just as they do in Mexico.

3. Just Sip, Don’t Chug

When it comes to tequila, one typically thinks of drinking it out of a shot glass. There’s a fundamental reason why this is so: low-quality mixto tequilas simply don’t taste as good as their premium equivalent and instead, offer a burning sensation that simply overwhelms one’s pallet. The mixto tequilas that most people shoot in bars are typically low-grade beverages that are chock full of additives and sugars, and carry less than 50% agave. In some cases, these liquors use agave plants that were harvested well before they’ve reached their full maturation at 7 or 8 years of age. Immature agave has yet to develop the sugars required to make premium tequila, so some producers turn to legally sanctioned additives, such as caramel, to rectify their faulty product.

The good news is you can skip downing shots of tequila, along with the burning sensation, flat flavour profile, and the dreaded morning hangover, by simply going for premium and ultra-premium tequila. These high-grade tequilas are made for sipping, which means they can be enjoyed as one would with a fine whiskey. On top of being able to pace yourself better, you will also be able to indulge in its complex, rich flavours. The more aged the tequila, the smoother they tend to be - so bid goodbye to the unpleasant burning sensation that lingers every time you drink.

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