Tequila Stop (East West Asia)


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A winning combo of The Online Certificate in Tequila is ITA Level 1 Certification Course & Examination about the essential knowledge everyone should know about tequila. By completing this exam, participants prove that they have a solid understanding about tequila. They can distinguish between the basic classes and categories, understand its denomination protection and the basics of tequila production, serving and storage. and Level 2-The Online Conocedor de Tequila is an advanced level qualification about tequila regulations and production practices.  By completing this exam, participants prove that they have a detailed understanding about the denomination of origin of tequila, tequila production and the structure and role of the NOM system. The course covers everything from advanced classification, tequila definitions, agave farming practices, tequila production, bottling, waste management, filtration and blending. The course is aiming to offer the most up to date, relevant and accurate information for those wishing to become a tequila connoisseur. This course is a must do for anyone who want to talk or write about tequila in a professional manner and educate others.

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