La Dama Tequila

La Dama Tequila Blanco 100% Organic 750 ML

$110 $120

La Dama is the largest sustainable agave grower in the world. Their agricultural and production processes are based on the revolutionary ideas of Mexican ancestors, their sustainable perception of nature, advanced agricultural methods, and the ritualistic aspects of the production process.

They create their organic, double distilled tequila in the most natural way possible, with endemic yeast in old brick ovens, fermented slowly, in small batches. To ensure that the best and most sustainable agave in the world is taken care of, they do this in a community owned distillery in Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. The unique bottles are made from recycled glass with recycled agave leaves producing the packaging.

Alcohol Volume: 80 proof/40%
Raw Material: 100% Agave, Double Distilled
Sustainable: Organic, No perservatives, artificial colours
Production: Tradtional, Masonary Ovens, Handcrafted
Packaging: Gift Box made from Agave Paper Visual: Clear Silver
Aroma: Cooked agave, fruit, spices
Taste: Fruity, herbal, carmelized agave, hints of chocolate with soft, creamy, smooth texture.
Bottle: Unique, Recycled Hand Blown Glass
Net Content: 750 ML
Country of Origin: Mexico, Highlands of Jalisco
Awards: Medal, Spirit of Excellence & Sustainability, FITUR, Madrid, 2019

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