Mezcal Dohba

Mezcal Dohba Ensamble 750 ML

Made in the Oaxacan Mixteca, Dohba is the result of love for the art of Mezcal and for the family legacies of our mezcaleros. It’s a tribute to our past, to the cultural richness of Mexico and its ancestral drinks. Dohba was born from the magic of Don Manuel González, Maestro Mezcalero at Rancho Alfaro which has the well-deserved prestige of producing the best mezcal in Mexico.

Each bottle is handmade, no two bottles are alike using 100% natural and recyclable raw materials as the cornerstones of the philosophy of this excellent mezcal. The seals in our bottles are biodegradable, produced with waxes from the Sierra de Coahuila and resins from the Sierra de Oaxaca, so they retain their natural smell and the ability to transport us to the Mexican countryside.

Dohba Mezcal is 100% organic and is available in three presentations, Espadin Joven, Mexicano and Papalometi Ensamble 750 ML hand crafted bottles, 45% ABV.

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