Prepping For the Good Times (and Bad)

With Cinco De Mayo rolling around the corner, fret not if you have yet to stock up your homes with drinks during these strange times!

Here are some of our staff's top picks of the season:


1. La Cofradia

Famous for being the awarded tequila makers in the 2012 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the guys at La Cofradia are no strangers to prestige these days.  

2. Onilikan

Hailing from the sea-salt plains of "The Pearl of the Pacific", Mazatlan, 10 Canadian entrepreneurs came together to create Onilikan - a passion for Mexican culture, traditions, flavours and aromas, and from the desire to create something unique and fun. All this, under the guise of a semi-retirement project.

Little did they know that their products would win medals at seven international competitions in New York, San Francisco, and Europe

Onilikan, is derived from the ancient language of the Aztec people. “Onili” means liquor and “Kan” means place – and together when translated – Onilikan is “Place of Liquor.“

Using a German copper-pot alembic, they fuse old & new world distilling traditions to produce the finest hand-crafted, small batch liqueurs & spirits from organically-grown mangos, oranges, mandarins, and blue agave. 

Perfect for food pairings with a wide range of cuisines, the mango and mandarin liqeuers can be.