Upgrade Your Home Bar with Tequila Stop’s Favourites

For the uninitiated, tequilas are wrought with misconception for being a bitter and almost painful drink that leaves a burning sensation in the mouth and throat as a stark reminder. On the other hand, mezcal, the lesser-known counterpart, is often lumped together with tequila and is drunk in the same way - multiple shots with a chaser.

If you are one of the many who fall under this category, know that there is a more enjoyable way of drinking tequilas and mezcals! The key is to opt for premium and ultra-premium tequila and mezcal. These 100% agave spirits offer a complex, delicate, and refined taste profile that can be enjoyed in between sips - something that cannot be said the same for their lower-grade counterparts.

To honour National Mezcal Day (which was October 21), here’s a quick rundown of our favourite tequila and mezcal brands that we think you should try!

Tequila Don Ramon

Founded in 1996 in Jalisco, Casa Don Ramón has amassed decades of expertise harvesting agave and crafting tequila such that they are one of the most renowned and trusted brands within the industry. The brand’s unwavering commitment to and respect for the process, the agave, and the land result in awards and distinctions across their portfolio of tequila offerings. Their high-quality tequilas are only possible due to their meticulous process. It starts with the harvesting of quality agave plants, followed by a quality check by a Maestro (someone knowledgeable in all aspects of tequila production), before it reaches you in equally exquisite bottles. They marry the handcrafted methods that have been perfected over generations with modern approach and equipment, effectively producing an exquisitely smooth taste with a long finish meant for easy sipping.

If you are interested in trying their products, we suggest the Tequila Don Ramon Standard Silver for smooth herbal and floral notes. Those who enjoy beverages flavoured with wood with a hint of berries and cherries can opt for the Tequila Don Ramon Limited Edition Swarovski Xtra Anejo instead.

Tequila La Cofradia

With over 50 years of experience under their belt, Tequila La Cofradia is no stranger when it comes to producing well-crafted tequilas that are loved by tequila enthusiasts and more. They bring together the traditional process of tequila production with modern, state-of-the-art equipment to create the finest tequila that captivates and delights your discerning palates. Their respect and appreciation for the traditional craft show even in their packaging - their bottles are made from ceramic and blown glass, attributes that are entrenched in Mexican tequila traditions.

If you’d like to get a taste of authentic Mexican tequila, you can consider the Casa Cofradia Tequila 2X Distilled Reposado to taste a well-rounded oak-centric flavour profile or the La Cofradia Tequila Iguanas Edition Reposado if you prefer an oak frutal flavour.

Mezcal Mala Idea

Mezcal Mala Idea was born from the desire to pursue perfection within mezcal production - a union of flavour, ritual, craftsmanship, and emotion. The brand is committed to producing the best with only the ripest and most mature agaves - from the semi-cultivated/wild Espadin to the truly wild agaves. To achieve the finest mezcal, they handcraft their mezcal in micro-batches to ensure its quality and flavour are guaranteed to impress.

If you wish to dip your toes in its world, Mezcal Mala Idea has products that are sure to dazzle your taste buds. For those who gravitate towards creamy flavours, the Mala Idea Mezcal Tobala Silvestre offers you just that, with a hint of honey and citrus aroma at the side. For those who love a flavour profile that features honey notes, vanilla and caramel, the Mala Idea Mezcal Anejo 5 Years will not disappoint.

Mezcal Don Ramon

Aside from tequila, Casa Don Ramon is also the brand of choice for mezcal essentials. The brand’s mezcal is crafted to the highest standards - a byproduct of the exceptional attention and care given to their mezcal procurement and production. As with their tequilas, their mezcal is sure to delight your taste buds with just a single sip.

Their Mezcal Don Ramon Salmiana is a testament to the brand’s passion and love for mezcal and mezcal production. Made from 100% Salmiana agave, this clear spirit embodies the earthen smokiness of the mezcal. Yet, the balanced aroma of herbs, florals, and citrus fruits offers a subtle fruity finish that will have you wanting more.

Enjoy An Experience Only Premium Tequila and Mezcals Can Offer

At Tequila Stop, we continually strive to spread the love for Mexico and its beloved spirits. As importers and master distributors of award-winning premium tequila and mezcal in the region, we take pride in having an extensive online catalogue that we have specially curated just for the Southeast Asian palette. We have selected tequila and mezcal renowned for their impeccable taste and unique brand story, which makes them the perfect luxury alcohol gift to gift your loved ones or even yourself!

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